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Teaching youth fundamental life principles through the sport of triathlon.


iCAN Junior Triathlon Club will inspire and empower youth of all backgrounds and abilities, helping participants embrace an “I CAN” attitude throughout their lives. Promoting “iCAN” core life principles of confidence, patience and determination, while developing goal setting skills in a team environment, will foster academic growth, increase leadership and promote adherence to a healthier lifestyle by participants.

Second Annual iCAN TRI Youth Triathlon Replicates National Race Atmosphere


The “iCAN TRI” Youth Triathlon, held July 21 at Clovis North Education Center proved to be another tremendous success.  Participants traveled from from San Diego, Sonoma County and many places in-between to participate in this USAT Southwest Regional Youth Championship, Talent ID and F1 event.   

The swim was staged in the Clovis Aquatics Swim Complex in one of two 50-meter long course pools. The closed bike courses of 2, 4, 8 and 10 mile were safe, well marked, and challenging. The point-to-point run courses of varying distances challenged athletes in the 4 age divisions. All divisons were color coded and courses were color marked for each age divison. The venue was easily necociated for parents and very spectator friendly. The transition and finish line were staged in such a manner that spectators had a virtual 360-degree view of the event.

"I wanted to congratulate iCAN on such a great race. This was our first triathlon so we didn't know quite what to expect. The set-up, volunteers, and focus on the athletes and parents having a great experience was exceptional. From the professional assistance with bike check, to the volunteers encouraging each athlete as they went by, the bike teams who rode around the course with the athletes, to the free food and water for everyone...what a first class event".  John McMillen

iCAN Junior Triathlon Club hosted the event, bringing its vibrant flavor to the race, evidenced by the bright green and blue club colors spread across the venue. This was synchronized with the spectular finish line and “community village” complete with a buzzing EXPO that included water slides, free food, and cold water.

“I liked the course alot. It wasn't hard at all to figure out. The bike course was flat and after watching how people in front of me did the turn around, I think I was able to handle them pretty well.  The run course was nice to and everything was visibly marked and there were many volunteers directing us. The event was good to..there was food afterwards and I'm really glad that we had triathlon camp because I saw a couple of my friends there".  Maddie, Santa Clara 

The event brought a broad range of community businesses to the race with an EXPO that was the center of the "community village".  Local cycling teams, triathlon clubs, swim instructors, medical doctors and nurses stepped up to lend a helping hand to an event that covers a large amount of territory.  Safety was the Race Directors main concern.  Both State of California, CHP and City of Fresno PD officers patrolled the bike course to ensure traffic closures. A fully staffed medical station was set up to provide assistance if it was needed.  Such groups as Fresno State Cycling Club and Sierra Pacific Orthopedic, (SPOC) Cycling Team volunteered to help on the bike course and lend encouragement to the participants.  All-in-all over 100 volunteers helped make this another unforgetable event.

“Central California needs this caliber of youth triathlon in order to introduce and spotlight youth talent and recognize what is happening in youth multisport,” said race director, Todd Waldner.  “The location is ideal to bring together beginner and experienced youth triathletes from all over the southwest region to compete in a national quality event. USA Triathlon Southwest Region has again selected iCAN TRI to host the Youth Regional Championships in 2014. Our ideal venue and location make it a prime spot to bring together southern, coastal, and northern California’s new, developing and experienced youth triathletes." 

"Our girls, Shefali and Charu participated this past weekend at the iCAN TRI. We wanted to take a moment to thank you for the wonderful experience they had. The event was very well organized. The volunteers were knowledgable and enthusiastic. We loved the way the kids suported each other. After listening to your pre-race talk, we knew that this was due to you wonderful leadership. We wish you many more years of great coaching experience and lots of good wishes to the iCAN Junior Triathlon Club. Arathi and Vijay, Saratoga

In 2011, USA Triathlon recognized iCAN Junior Triathlon Club as one of the top three youth clubs in the nation. 

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